Semiconductor Diodes

The Full-Wave Rectifier
The Bridge Rectifier
The Half-Wave Rectifier
Voltage Measurements of a Half-Wave Rectifier
The Semiconductor Diode
The Basic Operation of a Diode
Average Voltages of Pulsating DC Voltages
LED Flashing Circuit
Rectifier Filtering & Regulation

The Zener Diode
Rectifier Filtering
Voltage Regulation of a Zener Diode
Series-Opposing Zener Diodes
The Zener Diode: Practice Problems
Zener Diode Voltage Regulation

Transistor Fundamentals: Collector Saturation and Collector-Emitter Cutoff
Transistor Fundamentals: Voltage-Divider Biased NPN Transistor
Transistor Fundamentals: AC Bypass Capacitors
Transistor Fundamentals: AC Coupling Capacitors
Transistor Fundamentals: Classes of Operation
Active Region Operation of a Transistor
The Transistor Switch
Calculating DC Values of a Transistor Amplifier
The Transistor Symbol

The UJT Relaxation Oscillator
The Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Waveforms of an SCR Circuit
The Triac
Waveforms of a Triac Circuit
The Diac
Operational Amplifiers

Time Proportioning Application
The Time Proportioning Operational Amplifier
Op Amp Comparator
The Differentiator Op Amp
The Integrator Op Amp
Inverting Op Amp
Thermistor Temperature Alarm Circuits
Summing Op Amp
Noninverting Op Amp
Difference Op Amp
D/A & A/D Converters

Troubleshooting a Digital-to-Analog Converter
Analog and Digital Converters
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Opto Electronic Devices

The Optocoupler

Internal Elements of a 555 Timer
The 555 Astable Multivibrator
The Duty Cycle of a Multivibrator
The 555 Monostable Multivibrator
Schmitt Trigger