Voltage and Current

What Is Electricity?
Methods of Producing Electricity
How Current Requires Voltage
Abbreviations Representing Electrical Quantities
Conductors and Resistance

Conductors, Insulators and Resistors
Interpreting the Resistor Color Code
Resistor Color Code Practice
Resistor Color Code Recognition Drills
Testing an On/Off Switch
Electrical Opens and Shorts
Resistor Color Code Description
Ohm’s Law

Watt's Law
Voltage, Resistance, and Current Relationships
The Electrician's Wheel of Laws Quiz
Ohm's Law: Current
Ohm's Law: Power
Ohm's Law: The Relationship of Voltage, Current, and Resistance
Series Circuits

Opens Affecting Current in a Series Circuit
Total Resistance of a Series Circuit
Voltage Sources in Series
Shorts Affecting Current in a Series Circuit
Total Power Calculations in a Series Circuit
Voltage Drops in a Series Circuit
Current in a Series Circuit
Voltage Dividers
Effects of a Rheostat in a Series Circuit
Voltage Drops
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
Parallel Circuits

How Adding Parallel Branches Decreases Total Resistance
How Adding Parallel Branches Increases Total Current
Total Resistance in a DC Parallel Circuit
Voltage Sources in Parallel
Total Resistance in a Parallel Circuit
Measuring Current in a Parallel Circuit
Circuit Protection
Opens and Shorts in a Parallel Circuit
DC Current Flow Through a Parallel Circuit
The Three-Way Switching Circuit
Kirchhoff's Current Law - Parallel Circuits
Series/Parallel Circuits

Power Calculations in a Series/Parallel Circuit
Series-Parallel Resistance -- Practice Problems
Effects of a Rheostat in a Series-Parallel Circuit
Wheatstone Bridge
Wheatstone Bridge Application
Series-Parallel DC Circuits Analysis

The Solenoid
The Relay
Magnetic Hysteresis
The Magnetic Circuit
ElectroMagnetic Radio Waves
How Metal Detectors Operate
Magnetics AC Power Generation
Electrical Circuit and Components

Electrical Switches & Pushbuttons
Schematic Diagram Symbols
Variable Resistors
Potentiometer Application
Assembling a Circuit from a Schematic Diagram
Electrical Measurements

Proper Meter Placement
Analog Ohmmeter Operation
Analog Voltmeter Operation
Analog Ammeter Operation
Ammeter Circuit Connections
Voltmeter Circuit Connections
Ohmmeter Measurement Connections
Finding the Common Connection of an SPDT Switch